Misunderstood - Shark Tee
Misunderstood - Shark Tee
Misunderstood - Shark Tee

Misunderstood - Shark Tee

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Misunderstood shark black t-shirt with pocket logo and back design.

Sharks are notoriously misunderstood, consistently represented as deadly human hunters. This design aims to challenge that notion by highlighting how humans are the real predators, killing more than 76 billion sharks every year! 

25% of profits go to BiteBack shark conservation.

The Good Stuff

✔ Hand screen printed locally with water based inks

✔ 25% of profits from each purchase supports Special Branch bird rescue.

✔ Made using 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled plastic bottles

Recycled clothes are great but nothing is perfect and we recommend washing with a Guppyfriend bag to catch those microfibres that come off in the wash. Click here to buy one.

You can recycle it back to us when you're done



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