Who We Are

Hi there! Welcome to HeartCure, we're so glad you're here. Let us tell you our story...

Jordan and Georgia created HeartCure out of a passion to make a change. After going vegan in 2016, and witnessing the suffering of non-human animals we wanted do everything we could to help. We had visited Brook Farm Animal sanctuary and decided to start selling some tee's to raise some money for them! At the time ethical stylish vegan clothes were hard to find so we spent a long time researching how to make clothing that are kind to all. Our first box of clothes arrived at Georgia's uni dorm room and soon we held our first fundraiser and launched our first collection!



Throughout the years we've continued to hold fundraisers and events, released more clothes, collaborated with activists including Earthling Ed. We've helped with The Official Animal Rights March in London and attended countless other marches and protests. Eventually we saw that the movement needed a physical space to help us grow and learn. So HeartCure Collective came to life! We fundraised and worked so hard to open our social space in 2018. It was a beautiful hub in Sheffield UK that combined everything we had dreamed of. Unfortunately it was a huge project that needed more help than we could give so we had to close our doors in 2019.



Now we're working on growing HeartCure to encompass all our passions that goes so much further than clothing. We're working towards holding more events, both online and off, education and support for groups, better ways to fundraise and to keep working towards a more circular fashion model.

Thanks for joining us, we're so excited for our future and hope you'll stick around to see!



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