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Top 5 Sustainable Vegan Food Brands You Need To Try

by Georgia Cook 14 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Vegans are lucky enough to have almost too much choice when it comes to tasty treats and meals in 2021. This wasn’t always the case and we have certainly witnessed the rise in vegan food brands popping up in the last 5 years. With so much choice we wanted to highlight a few of our favourite vegan brands who not only focus on providing us with delicious plant-based alternatives but also care about the environment.

Here are our top 5 choices for new vegan food products from small businesses that do their bit to have a positive impact on the planet.

What Sustainability Means To Us

Our circular fashion model thrives on the idea of considering the system as a whole and working out practices that can help each stage become more eco-friendly and yield durable and timeless pieces. Sustainability can mean striving to make each stage of production use less energy and produce less Carbon emissions, using plastic free resources, limiting air miles, and more. Overall, it’s about voting with our £ for a more eco-friendly future while still enjoying tasty products that encourage more people to opt for plant-based options.

5 Vegan Food Brands We Love


1. ReJuce

Orange, apple and berry flavour cold-pressed juice and carbonated juice water made from food waste. The ReJuce products are zero waste, plastic-free and made in the UK to reduce transportation emissions.

When Tom, the owner of ReJuce and professional chef, realised that 1⁄3 of food produced worldwide goes to waste, he decided to take wonky fruit and give it a second chance. His mission is to show that misshapen fruit is just ‘too good to waste’. So far, they have saved over 300 tonnes of perfectly safe and tasty fresh produce from going to landfill.

Where To Find ReJuice

● Order the range from the ReJuce website.

2. Rhythm 108 Vegan Swiss Chocolate

Luxury vegan chocolate bars and premium quality biscuits that even non-vegans can’t help but love. If we were scoring these small businesses with a checklist, Rhythm 108 would come in with a bingo. Not only are all their delicious recipes vegan but they are also organic, gluten-free, palm oil-free, and contain less sugar than competitor brands.

This swiss band knows the importance of crafting their sweet treats with passion. A passion for making delicious vegan food accessible (thank goodness we can say goodbye to the days when all vegan chocolate tasted like cheap Christmas coins) and a passion for sustainability. They even have a sustainability disclosure on their website. The Rhythm team have highlighted that they believe ‘small changes can add up to make a big difference’. We couldn’t be more behind this motto, as it sends a powerful message that we can make a difference with our everyday actions.

As if this wasn’t enough to convince you to try their almond biscotti or creamy hazelnut truffle chocolate bar, they also donate to local food banks and have pledged to reduce their food waste.

Where To Find Rhythm 108

● Rhythm108 is available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide or on their website.



3. One Planet Pizza

This award-winning vegan pizza company is a family-run business all about encouraging more people to try plant-based alternatives. The name almost says it all. We have one planet, so we need to look after it and do better. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tasty pop-it-in-the-oven dinners.

Our top choices from One Planet Pizza are the No Clucks, with VFC vegan fried chicken pieces, or the Hawaiian. Although we might not all agree whether to have pineapple on pizza, we can all agree that pizza with 20% fewer Carbon emissions (compared to standard supermarket pizzas) is something we can get behind.

One Planet Pizza has also joined together with non-profit organisation One Tree Planted to commit to planting one tree for every 50 pizzas sold. They have already grown over 100 trees since February 2021. That means there is a small forest funded by pizza lovers!

Where To Find One Planet Pizza

● Order from the One Planet Pizza online shop, The Vegan Kind Supermarket, Ocado, or find them in-store at Whole Foods Market and more.



4. Cecily’s Ice Cream

Chill out and enjoy Cecily’s creamy coconut ice cream while they handle the sustainability of their products. Not only are all of Cecily’s products packaged plastic-free, but the inner coating of the ice cream tubs is 100% biodegradable due to a plastic-free sugar cane alternative to polyethene, used by most competition.

Another reason we love this conscious vegan ice cream is the ethically sourced coconuts from Sri Lanka that go into each tub. You may be wondering how a company that sources its main ingredient from halfway around the world can be sustainable. All the coconuts are shipped to the factory in Cornwall, so there are no air miles concerned about the base ingredient of this ice cream. The coconut is then combined with other flavours including our favourite double caramel or the mint choc chip ice cream which is their bestseller.page2image22309376 page2image22305536 page2image22307648 page2image22309952 page2image22310144 page2image22310336page2image22310528

Where To Find Cecily’s

● Get Cecily’s ice cream delivered to your door or in M&S Food stores.

5. MyVegan

Not only are MyVegan the UK’s number 1 vegan nutrition brand, but they also ensure you can shop with them knowing they are committed to sustainable practices. This includes protecting natural resources, eliminating waste, and reducing Carbon and energy usage. Since April 2020 they have started using renewable energy in their warehouse.

The clear protein, protein shakes, protein water and vitamin pill bottles are 100% recyclable. Although not all of the products are made with recyclable materials, they have promised to ensure this is the case by 2023. However, they are the world’s 1st plastic neutral company. This means that they fund projects to remove plastic waste from the environment.

Where To Find MyVegan

● MyVegan products are available exclusively through their online shop.



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