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Working towards a Circular Fashion future

by Georgia Cook 24 Oct 2021 0 Comments

It’s no secret that the fashion industry creates a lot of waste, with the current model being very much linear from creation to landfill. In the UK “1.7kg of fashion waste is landfilled yearly per person” and on average a piece of clothing is worn an average of just 7 times.  


So what is circular fashion?

Circular Fashion whilst the term only coined in 2014, has quickly become a industry buzzword. Currently our system is mostly linear with a create - wear - dispose system with some recycling added in. However a circular economy works to eliminate this and by thinking more carefully about the design and materials used. Some examples of this are, designing with sustainability in mind, using organic and eco material and inks, encouraging longer wear of items and making sure the rest can be truly biodegradable or reused.

There’s a lot that goes into it but this model can not only help immensely with the huge issue of waste but help us all heal our relationship with fast fashion and consumerism.



Here at HeartCure Jordan & I are big advocates for changing this model and personally buy almost entirely second hand or the ethically made pieces. We have small wardrobes and only buy what we love, meaning we buy fewer pieces and give them long lives. Of course we wanted to expand this passion to what we do with HeartCure and that’s why we created the ReNew and RePrint models. 



 Our reprint model opens a few times a year where we select a design and you send us your own clothes and we print! So for a small cost you can both bring new life to a piece of clothing you own and minimise the creation of new garments.



 The ReNew system is super simple, you send us your preloved HeartCure, we gift you a voucher for our website and then we resell the item to live another life with someone else! 


Here’s Jordan getting our latest ReNew drop steamed and ready to go…




We also of course are always working to better our practices as a small business and use water based inks, organic and recycled materials and renewable power factories. There’s still so much more to do for us all but we hope this post has inspired you to take a look at your relationship with fashion! It’s something we’re both so passionate about and want to help make a difference, however small.


Thanks for reading, please let us know below some of your favourite ways to find second hand pieces! 


Jordan & Georgia







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