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How To Grow Food Indoors

by Claire Michalski 11 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Growing our own food can be pretty daunting, and obvious challenges like not having the garden space can delay our planting plans; but what if I told you there is an abundance of food you can not only grow at home, but indoors. That’s right, succulents move aside, it’s time to grow plants indoors that we can eat! 



Carrots don’t require much growing space around them at all, just a deep space. So any deep pot will do! Keep them in constant light and if you’re growing from seed keep them warm at night by covering them. We recommend recycled plastic sheets from food or clothing packaging waste.



Onions are planted close to the surface and don’t have particularly long roots. Find yourself or make a rectangular planter from recycled materials such as crates and they will be just fine. They don’t even need as much sunlight as carrots do, so pop them on your kitchen counter that gets some sun throughout the day and you will soon be crying with joy over your onions. 



A more obvious one, and a very good place to start if you are new to growing your own food. Herbs adore the sun, which is why you will have probably seen lots of lovely window ledge herb gardens. Some of the best to grow indoors are chives, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, rosemary and mint. Mint likes to take over, so just make sure that the pot you use is the amount you want, otherwise you will have more mint than you know what to do with! 


Hot pepper

Because these are tropical plants, they love being inside in the warm, but this also means they need a lot of sun. They’re best being a window tenant and they like to get completely dry in-between each watering.



Think leafy salads like kale and spinach. These do best and also enjoy constant sunbathing. 



Yes - potatoes can be grown inside! You can literally plant them into a large pot and get digging when the time comes, or invest in potato bags that can sit somewhere. Better yet, you could make your own potato bags to match your indoor interior! (If anyone does this, please send us pictures, we would love to see the outcome!)



Tomatoes are made to be inside growers. They love being warm and even professional gardeners opt to grow their tomatoes in green houses. So the next best thing is a conservatory if you have one, or a trusty window ledge! 



For the zero-waste lovers, if growing potted veggies sounds like too much of a first step then you can always begin by regrowing veggies from your scraps. This is a great technique to make the most out of your food and we think it deserves a devoted blog - so subscribe to our mailing list to learn all about food scrap growing! 


There are even more foods that you can grow from home so don’t stop here, research, learn and give it a go! If this blog has inspired you, make sure you share your indoor gardening journey with us and tag us in your posts! @heartcureclothing 


Author - Claire Michalski

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